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Content Audit

Finding opportunities and solutions within onboarding language

Disclaimer: This was a "skin deep" content audit due to the time constraints, client's budget, no defined brand voice and no emphasis on SEO. Its purpose was to identify inconsistencies and any critical weakness that may threaten the main goal: onboarding new users. 


My Role




  3 weeks


Google Slides

Screen Shot 2023-07-29 at 2.57.58 PM.png



Discussed with stakeholders and users to find uncover main pain points


Looked for good examples in multiple onboarding flows for similar product to create a base line expectation 


Defined the onboarding flow into two parts: the sign up phase and the exploration phase. 


I presented my findings, offering a few examples of alternative language for critical "easy wins" in the written user experience



The Challenge

Nimble (formerly Digite), a leader in the project management space, approached Raivix to diagnose and design a new user onboarding strategy. My role in this project was to uncover and content that wasn't aligning with the goal of getting users started with their project. 

The Goals

​Identify any copy that wasn't clear for first time users going through the onboarding process

  • Signing up 

  • Invite

  • Getting started with a project (based on the information from the previous steps)


Part of my role was competitive research, analyzing the user onboarding flows for multiple project management products. This gave me insight into the typical language used, the expected questions, how to demonstrate/build value with words. 

This process also assisted the research process for the overall onboarding strategy. 


Audit Format

The audit's findings was divided into 4 categories: 

Works well - positive highlights that boost the user experience and should be retained

Must Fix - high urgency issues that severely impact the user experience

Improvement - medium priority items that impact the user experience

Idea - opportunities to explore to improve the user experience

This approach plus the number of screens reviewed generated a 60 page audit

The goal of the audit was to find UX language vulnerabilities (and offer a few language victories). 

Screen Shot 2023-07-29 at 2.50.56 PM.png

An example of an "easy win" for Nimble was providing just a little bit of clarity with a few simple words with an onboarding message for those that have been invited to collaborate


This would help provide context for those who haven't had the opportunity to be eased into the product. 



After a caffeine fueled evening of plugging my notes in google slides, I had a slide deck to present. My presentation was a 85% highlighting vulnerabilities and 15% suggestions. This ratio was determined by time allowed, suggestions lacking a solid branded backbone to be built upon and matching the scope for the rest of the onboarding strategy materials. 

This was an amazing opportunity to put a project under a microscope and find opportunities to find content "road bumps" for future users.


It would have been a great to dive a bit deeper with the content audit and collaborate with Nimble, defining a product voice so the process could also determine if the content was appropriately representing the brand at the right moments. 

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