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BAMMFilm Landing Page Redesign

Timeline: 4 weeks

Challenge: Landing Page lacks language to build trust and educate user

Tools used: Figma and Google Drive

This case study comes from a UX audit where the majority of the user pain points were on the landing page. 

The Problem

BAMM ScreenShot.png

The landing page was the one that was causing the most user friction.  While it was large and attention grabbing the only CTA, outside of the navigation, was the play button for the demo reel. This was great at highlighting their work, and is on brand for a video production company but this is the only option for the user. There is also no other CTA’s provided for the user, no hero section, no testimonials, no sense of building trust with the potential client of the business. 

Traffic analysis (1).png

The high bounce rate was a sign that these heuristic pain points were hurting conversions and from users exploring other aspects of the site. 

The Solution

Landing Page Redesign (1).png

This is the "Prestige" section that highlights the quality of businesses that BAMMfilm has partnered with before in the past

The testimonials section starts establishing trust with the user

This is the team page, that shows the two founders. I wanted to put a face to the company at the end, right before the second contact option for the user to put a face right before the second contact option

And the end, creating a circular experience with the first and last CTA centered around contacting

I pulled the small blurb from the about section to help users understand what they can expect with BAMMfilm's services

This is the average "above the fold" real estate for the site

This is a still from a recut of the demo reel, that would play on a 10 second loop, touching base on the top services provided


Retrospectively there is one flaw with the landing page that was an aberration in the user experience, the meet the team button. Two CTA practically stacked on top of each other wastes real estate and creates the possibility of straining the attention from the user. 

Emphasizing the scrolling aspect of the landing page, I wanted users to see the breath of services, read testimonials and connect a face to the business all within a minute. 

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